Client base grows as we head in to 2018

Chipping Green is Open!
December 16, 2017
Master Greenkeeper helps tend to the Oxford Golf Club
October 26, 2018

Client base grows as we head in to 2018

9 years in to his consultancy Greg’s client base continues to grow. In 2017 four new clubs have came on board to work alongside Greg improving their course and structure of the maintenance departments. Stratford-on-Avon, Hillingdon, North Middlesex and Stratford Park have all undertaken Greg’s ‘Advisory Service’ which he does for many clubs across the U.K. It is a service that has grown over the years and helps clubs tackle the modern golf age, where golfers demands and expectations have increased dramatically.

Currently two of those golf clubs have European Tour winners as members. Andrew ‘Beef’ Johnson has played his golf at North Middlesex since he was a junior, and Andy Sullivan practices and plays at Stratford-on-Avon Golf Club. As you can imagine tour professionals have very high standards so having first class playing surfaces is a given for those clubs.

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