An independent, trusted adviser with the experience to carefully implement change.


Many golf clubs in the modern age have had to change their ways and business mind set. Inevitably changing working practices to become a more efficient unit forms part of this process. Over many years Greg has developed structures and techniques which are implemented behind the scenes to make sure out on the course, practices meet the modern golf market.

Overseeing Maintenance Staff

A service that has become very popular is the advisory service where Greg helps to oversee the maintenance staff on a regular basis. Due to the changing golf market, maintenance teams have had to change their set ways of doing things. Greg helps to give the team confidence and support through a period of change.

Cost Saving & Purchasing Advice

Having been a course manager for many years, Greg has learnt to understand the materials market, to make sure golf clubs receive the right price for a certain product.

Too often Greg feels that golf clubs enter negotiations without fully understanding the unit price of a bag of fertiliser for instance. Creating the right buying potential is something that makes a big difference to a club's overall financial effectiveness - meaning money is only spent where it matters most.

Regular Visits

Part of the advisory service are regular visits to appraise and set new goals for the coming weeks. It allows the club to track improvements and gives the management committee the true picture of what is going on the golf course.