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Course Design, New Holes, Surfaces & Features

A golf course must be a worthy test for golfers at whatever level they play. It must be integrated into the landscape, be environmentally sensitive and retain its own character. Most importantly, it must leave the golfer wanting to come back for more. Greg Evans can help you achieve this.


Greens are the jewel in any golf club's crown. They separate the course from its rivals. Whether it is dealing with a century-old green or constructing a brand new green, Greg's expertise and experience will help the business to deliver the first class results that golf clubs and players ultimately desire.


Bunkers add strategic play and variety to every golf course, but they need to be well maintained, drained and shaped to have the full impact. It is disappointing for a golfer to find a badly shaped bunker in poor condition and/or out of place. Bunkers are an expensive item on the balance sheet. Greg Evans can help you to plan, design and construct them carefully so that they can add value to your course, increasing your clubs revenue.


Greg Evans has many years of experience installing modern, up-to-date irrigation systems. The project management of these systems includes the design, installation and completion of a fully tested product.

Greg has worked with all the major contractors and manufacturers but is still of the opinion that a well-trained workforce can service any system in-house, thus reducing costs. His latest project was to install a borehole saving a client several thousand pounds in water bills.


Modern golf clubs require play all year round leaving their drainage systems under huge pressure. Many are old and in desperate need of updating. To commence with a drainage project, a club must have a costed and well-considered plan in place.

Greg offers supervision so that, as with many costly projects, drainage works and installation can be completed in-house as long as the club has the right equipment and labour levels. The benefit from an efficient drainage system is increased revenue in your quieter months.