"If you want someone with passion, vision and serious attention to detail, who will help you
to deliver exquisite surfaces at an affordable budget - look no further than Greg Evans.
He is a true pioneer in our industry."

Matthew Hazelden, General Manager, Cottesmore Golf and Country Club



Knowing its potential, Greg implemented a very tight cutting height regime, the now ‘infamous’ 2mm! This was previously thought unsustainable in this country, but with the right advice and a solid maintenance programme, the greens now are amazing.


Greg’s role at Fulwell has evolved in the four years that he’s been associated with the club. He is now engaged on a long-term management agreement and oversees the golf course maintenance department.


In June 2015, the club approached Greg about his services and commissioned his popular advisory service. The advisory service is there to counsel and support clubs and involves frequent visits to assist in implementing the programme.

Sandy Lodge

During the winter of 2016 David Scammell - the incoming Chairman of Greens at Sandy Lodge contacted Greg regarding his services. To date Sandy Lodge has been a great project. The course received rave reviews in 2017 and the greenstaff’s morale has much improved.

Playing Surfaces and Processes


A piece of wasteland has been transformed into a first class chipping green. Previously, the land was a mixture of trees and scrub, but seeing the potential, Ealing Golf Club wanted to turn this area in to a facility for their members. Greg managed the project and, along with the designer, set about realizing one of the best chipping greens in the county.


Bunkers are integral to a golf course’s character. They not only create good hazards and encourage strategic play but, designed correctly, add to the landscaping of the course.


Within his role as Course Manager of Ealing Golf Club, Greg has been project managing the complete re-drainage of the golf course. The site is over 120 years old, sitting on the London clay basin so moving water away from the course is a priority.


Greg has conducted many functions to improve irrigation systems across the UK. From completing system audits to overseeing the installation of several systems, Greg takes a particular interest in irrigation.

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