Nevill GC

Down in sleepy Tunbridge Wells in Kent sits The Nevill, a club typical of many members clubs across the U.K. The club was thriving back in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, but has found it financially arduous over the last couple of decades. With golfers increasingly expecting perfect surfaces on a daily basis, the club struggled to produce the required standard with the finances available to them.

In June 2015, the club approached Greg about his services and commissioned his popular advisory service. The advisory service is there to counsel and support clubs and involves frequent visits to assist in implementing the programme.

After working alongside Course Manager Ian Marsden, the condition of the course improved dramatically in 18 months. Two years ago, it was described in an online review as a, “Fallen great hotel that had fallen into disrepair” but a more recent quote paints a more impressive picture “Great course with immaculate greens”. All this whilst reducing costs too. During the financial year that Greg was involved with the club, the course came 9% or £26,000 under budget. Proving a change in philosophy need not break the bank!