Arguably the top priority for any successful golf course, is not its design but its condition.

Soil Science & Turf Management

A well-conditioned golf course will attract and retain members and motivate golfers to share positive stories about the quality of their favourite courses, so understanding what's going on under the golfer's feet is an integral part of producing top-quality playing surfaces.

Everything Greg does is based around using the most advanced scientific practices to improve and maintain golf course playing surfaces. This involves:

  • Overseeing the long-term strategy of maintaining soil quality and turf management - be it working with existing teams, training junior staff or bringing in new talent.
  • Visiting the course a certain number of times throughout the year, depending on the circumstances, to review the strategy and advise on the next course of action.
  • Knowing what works and what doesn't
  • Building up efficiencies in your practices and processes - for example by reducing aeration by 50% can lead to reduced costs and improved quality, meaning happy players and a happy bank manager!

Greg's tried and tested scientific processes and track record of success can help you to identify the most cost-effective green keeping solutions for your individual circumstances. Greg provides total transparency in the costs of the activities he recommends so that you know the investment you make in the quality of your playing surfaces delivers a fairway (pun fully intended) to reaping the financial rewards that the club requires.

Course Audit

One of Greg's services involves what's referred to in the trade as an 'agronomy audit'. This involves taking several agronomic tests - where samples of the soil and grass quality are taken and analysed - thus providing a detailed picture of the condition of the ground.

By doing this, quality aspirations can be met and long-term issues and problems can be tackled in the right scientific way. Ultimately, this ensures that the end product meets the needs of the club - which is, naturally, to delight players and attract new members.

Construction & Grow In

Like building a house, if you get the foundations wrong the project is bound to fail. Greg Evans has several years of experience constructing, growing in and opening golf courses. Beautiful green rye grass fairways, challenging creeping bent greens or top traditional surfaces are all achievable.

Course Maintenance

To keep a course in top condition, it is important to understand the fundamentals of what makes a grass plant sustainable. A great playing surface requires an up to date maintenance plan.

Remember though that a successful golf course is a trade-off between agronomic practises and playability. Greg can help you to get the balance right and you can watch your course’s reputation grow.

For more information about golf agronomy, feel free to get in touch!